Linn'O Dee to Kingussie Trek

This was a two day walk starting at Linn O'Dee and finishing at Kingussie.

From Linn O'Dee the first part of the walk is westwards along a well made Land Rover track, quite soon the trees are left behind and it continues on the north side of the River Dee. River GeldieAfter about an hour White Bridge is reached and the road continues south for a short time alongside the River Geldie before heading west again into Glen Geldie.

This track passes the ruins of Ruigh Ealsaid (Elisabeth's Shieling) and from here the views begin to disappear as it approaches the Geldie Lodge on the opposite bank.
It is from here that An Sgarsoch and Carn an Fhidhleir, two quite remote Munro's can be climbed, and using a bike along the road would certainly aid the trek.
It is here that you leave the well made road and take to the path which rises gently up and the vastness of the moorland can be seen. The path is a little patchy and can be muddy in places but with care it is easy to follow.

FallsIt is about 3 miles from the start of the path to the River Eidart and this marks the descent into Glen Feshie, 3 miles it may be, but I can assure you it seemed a lot, lot more. Just a short distance upstream, there is a good footbridge over the Eidart, the waterfall at the bridge is quite impressive and the spray very welcoming on a hot day.

About a mile or so from the bridge into Feshie is where I camped for the night, walking time had been about 5 hours and 12 miles in. There are not many places to camp as the ground is covered in heather, but I managed to find a flat piece of grass close to the river.

BankingNext morning I left at and headed gently downhill into Glen Feshie, at first it is a footpath which soon develops into a Land Rover track with one exception where it is necessary to climb the banking to save crossing the river. There are one or two crossing over smaller streams to make but it should be possible to do so with dry feet.

It is from here on that the scenery becomes more pleasing with pines and birch trees and quite Old Bridgesoon the bothy at Ruigh Aiteachain is reached and a little further on the old bridge at Carnachuin, still not replaced since 2009.

The only other bridge over the Feshie is two and a half kilometers ahead, and again it seemed a lot more as the path is up and down, through the trees and across a stream or two before reaching the bridge and onto the well made tarred road.

Not far along this road I headed onto the forestry track which gave easy walking over a New Bridgeridge into the glen at Allt Chomhraig where a bridge crosses the water and heads again into the forest and towards Drumguish and onto the B970 passing Ruthven Barracks to Kingussie.

It was from here that I caught the bus back to Perth.

Overall a very pleasant trip with two extremes of scenery in Geldie and Feshie, there were no real difficulties, although like most outdoor ventures best undertaken in good weather.

Walk Details
Distance 27 miles
Max height 575 m
Total ascent 523 m
Total walking time 10 hours